What do you think of the increase in LTO fines and fees?

A friend of mine got apprehended for driving a car with expired registration. And when he finally got his license from the LTO main office, guess how much he was charged? PhP 4,000, and that’s just for the base fee! He also had to pay a nominal amount for computer entry and such. That’s even more expensive than registering the vehicle itself (which would amount to about PhP 3,000 or so). Previously, driving an unregistered motor vehicle would only be fined PhP 900+. That’s a 300% increase!

A copy of a recent resolution effecting increases in fines can be found on MCP. And I believe transport groups have been protesting these fine increases.

What do you think? Will this increase discourage drivers from the usual unlawful activities on the road like reckless driving, drunk driving, colorom operations and the like? Or is it unfair to increase the fees just like that?

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