What makes a good driver?

Although this is Pinoy Auto Blog, being a good driver encompasses the whole world.

Gaby Dela Merced, just one of the PH best drivers

This infograph shows what a good driver should be (that is, according to the insurance world that is)

A good driver should be:

  • Licensed
  • Without more than one violation point
  • Without more than one dismissal of charges for incidents that would have resulted in one violation point
  • Without DUIs during the past seven years

Is there such a driver in the Philippines? Are you one? If you have yet to drive, then it would be best to make this your goal. If you are already driving then maintain your pristine record. If you are missing one or a few of the qualities above, don’t give up being a good driver.

How Good is Your Driving

How good is your driving? by Car Insurance Comparison

Image By SpoonerTuner (Spooner Tuner) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “What makes a good driver?”

  1. How to kown a good driver. A good driver most kown what to do in intersections, you most all so kown the road signs, you most all so kown the 6 qulity that makes you a good driver.

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